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CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG (European Economic Interest Group) is a professional EEIG established at a European level. Our mission is to support businesses and their development in foreign countries and markets. We specialise in international corporate, financial and tax planning, working with our members in different countries of the European Union, Eastern Europe the United States or Asia to offer our clients a wide range of services, from establishing new corporate structures in foreign countries, to internationalisation consultancy services, organising international finance operations, defining the most suitable corporate and tax structure for a new business and providing all subsequent planning and assistance on corporate labour turnover.

Today, CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG is at the forefront of project management for large internationalisation operations and international finance. The Group boasts a wide variety of medium to large sized companies among its clients. CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG is the undisputed European market leader in the sector. More than 250 clients over the space of 5 years have turned to us for assistance in creating and managing corporate structures with the aim of optimising growth aboard and identifying the best product/market combinations for development on international markets. Our consultants have been involved in some of the most significant operations in the telecommunication (UMTS) sector over the last few years and have worked with clients operating in the luxury watch, sports clothing and fashion accessory markets. They have helped clients by constructing large infrastructural commissions, providing advice on the best financial and corporate package for each operation, and taking on a project management role. Unsurprisingly, our organisation boasts a consolidated client base who returns to us systematically for our advisory services setting up their foreign branch offices as well as building new plants in key countries in the global market, making acquisitions, carrying out corporate restructuring and Group reorganisations abroad at both a tax and structural level and creating structures to negotiate international financial instruments.

CMP & PARTNER, EEIG's uniqueness lies in the fact that both financial operators and professionals working in the legal and tax sector belong to the group. All our members have a high propensity for entrepreneurship and a great desire to actively support entrepreneurs in their development.

Our EEIG is also an active member of ITPA - the International Tax Planning Association. As such, we can rely on qualified support in every part of the world and can put together the best possible team in order to solve highly specific problems.

Our consultants and staff members at our offices in London are always available to analyse concrete cases. The service is provided free of any prior commitment on your part in order to give you the chance to assess the usefulness of our contributions to your corporate decisions aboard.