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International financial consultancy services are, above all, professionalism, reliability, planning, effectiveness and speed of execution. CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG is founded on these concepts.

CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG is an international network of professionals operating in key financial sectors. This is why we number among the leading players in cross-border tax and corporate consultancy services.

Our consultants and partners work on all the aspects of a project in order to transform their client’s concepts and objectives into reality by developing creative ideas and employing the most advanced executive skills; in Europe and around the world.

International finance and corporate planning are not just “simple consultancy services”. Providing advice to the client, regardless of the rest, is no longer enough. To obtain results, you need to know how to activate human and technical resources within legal, financial, tax and commercial sectors all over the world. We always work with entrepreneurs and businessmen, using the same problem-solving approach.

At CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG we do not just provide advice on “what to do”. We work together with entrepreneurs to define objectives, suggest new opportunities, put in place projects and manage them. CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG is not just a simple consortium of international consultants. It is, above all, a partner for entrepreneurs and for their businesses.

Confidence, certainty and the ability to achieve results are the qualities which have lead more than 250 clients all over Europe to place their trust in CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG.

Apart from the technical know-how and planning skills our consultants have, CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG can also count on a wide network of partners resident in key areas in terms of manufacturing and international finance, endowing the network with a real capacity to put in place and manage investment projects approved by clients.

CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG, supplies turnkey projects with fixed estimates and no additional costs. Clients working us can have a precise idea of the size of their investment and of the paybacks for each individual project.

Our operations are all guaranteed by our partners’ in-depth knowledge of procedures and legal-accounting requirements in leading financial centres around the world: an experience developed building consolidated relations with numerous Tax Offices.

CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG also means consolidated experience at a financial level and experience in international investment banking. The Group supplies a complete service, organising and managing international investment projects and placing their own network of relations with international credit institutions and governmental offices at the client’s disposal in order to structure facilitated financing operations, provide assistance for guarantee agreements and escrow agreements, and to safeguard the project.