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Corporate international development has become a mandatory step for businesses who want to turn back the tide of growing competition from different countries. Every location offers new manufacturing, financial, tax and corporate opportunities. CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG, regularly carries out studies on the evolution of international markets to discover the best opportunities available to clients. CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG, also understands international trends in foreign development on a sector by sector, area by area basis as a result of its many clients from around the world. The fact that CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG clients have carried out investment projects with highly elevated development rates long before their international competitors and obtaining the best results is not just a simple coincidence.


Our network has consolidated experience in providing support to entrepreneurs in a number of different countries in order to help them create new commercial and/or manufacturing opportunities in foreign countries by employing highly favourable local laws in terms of taxes and labour costs and making use of facilitated loans or grants, building local contacts and developing relations to start-up a new business and to turn it into an asset for an international Group. Apart from putting in place projects for our clients, we can also handle all ordinary administration once the project has been set up, providing highly efficient human resources in every area in which we operate.


Our consultants and local partners know all there is to know before they begin setting up a new company aboard: how to plan investments, how to calculate their impact on the value of the company, how to assess feasibility, how to find the necessary financial resources using facilitated international loans and how to implement the project.


Project management at CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG means coordinating resources to achieve quick, concrete results on international investment projects. The entrepreneur usually coordinates these activities and learns how to "create" a new business abroad as he goes – a highly inefficient use of resources. At CMP & PARTNERS; EEIG we supply all our know-how, experience and savoir-fair to support anyone undertaking this type of initiative and to help those who have to keep a close eye on costs and schedules save time and money.