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CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG is an international network of consultants and operators working in the financial, corporate and tax sector. Its legal form - an EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) - is in perfect harmony with its mission to provide a centre to coordinate projects and concepts working in close collaboration with consultants and partners throughout Europe and the world.

Our job is to understand client needs, transform these into precise objectives and create and manage a structure to help them achieve their goals by taking advantage of the best opportunities available in leading financial, commercial and industrial centres around the world. In order to do so, CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG always employs top professionals in their fields and in their various sectors of specialisation, providing a fast, tangible and truly unique service for the client.

No one country has the "perfect" industrial, financial and/or tax system. Just like no professional working in the sector is capable of providing support to his clients on how to deal with all these different issues. Only a network of professionals such as CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG can solve complex problems, employing individual know-how acquired in each field. This is why our clients always have the best ideas at their fingertips.

CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG's Research Office studies developments at a global level on a regular basis and periodically prepares studies, reports and comparative analyses on various different issues. All CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG publications are available upon request, together with a wide range of specific documentation on issues of current interest.

The added value of CMP & PARTNERS; EEIG is found in the fact that each individual partner continuously receives regular updates on regulations and tax, corporate and financial procedures in their reference areas, since they are guaranteed access to the most up-to-date databases, a large internal library and the latest concepts developed in some of the most important international conferences in the sector.

CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG consultants transform their clients' strategies for international development into executable projects, while partners in different jurisdictions put these in place and bring them to life.